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Tuition Payment Plan

National Education offers innovative ways to help institutions improve cash flow, generate new revenue, and reduce administrative expenses. Through an affiliate, Higher Education Services, families enroll in an Installment Payment Plan designed to help ease the burden associated with large lump sum payments of educational expenses. This plan allows families to budget and pay educational costs on a monthly basis.

The Tuition Payment Plan is flexible and offers specific features designed to meet the needs of the institution.

Find out today how a Tuition Payment Plan from National Education fulfills the dual purpose of assisting both families and the institution.

  • Can be adjusted to match any institution calendar
  • Utilizes a Trustee for the investment of payment plans, assuring security of funds and maximum investment earnings for the institution
  • Offers superior cash flow through earlier receipt of education expenses
  • Includes marketing materials designed to meet the institution’s particular needs and interests, improving recruitment and retention efforts
  • Provides comprehensive reporting electronically or via paper
  • Handles all contact with families, including due diligence on delinquent accounts


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