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Why Choose National Education

National Education is committed to serving you, your students and their parents. Education financing is our only business and we work hard to be the best.

Customer Service

National Education is committed to providing you with outstanding customer service. This is a direct reflection of our mission statement and company philosophy.

Our operations are centralized at one location in Chicago, Illinois. Your school is assigned a dedicated customer service representative to handle all aspects of the loan process. Your representative is cross-trained to provide a single point of contact between you and other loan partners such as guarantors and disbursement networks. This means that problems and queries are dealt with quickly, effectively and in a proactive manner.

Another unique approach to customer service is the personal interaction between National Education, you and your students. Staff communicates with students predominantly through the mail and telephone. We do not use an automated telephone system or voice recognition unit. This allows us to personally answer every call from you and your students when received in the servicing center during business hours.

Competitive Loan Products

Our low-cost loan products help students with their higher education expenses. Funds are available through the Federal Stafford, PLUS and Grad PLUS loan programs. Borrowers save money at the start of repayment with a 0.25% interest rate reduction when payments are made using automatic account withdrawal.

Loan Servicing

From the initial inquiry or application, National Education services federal education loans on site. When choosing National Education, borrowers receive outstanding loan products supported by a staff that is committed to providing superior service.

No Cross Selling

National Education respects the privacy of your students and parents. We will never market or solicit any other products to them nor will we sell any of their information to other companies.

Industry Expertise

National Education staff stays current on issues that impact education loans and financial aid. One of the many constants we face is change and our job is to administer the loan programs in compliance with the laws and regulations. Staff participates with numerous professional associations to know what changes will occur and to develop new initiatives to improve the loan programs.

Educate Students and Parents

A loan repayment calculator, current interest rates and a glossary of loan terms and other tools are available on the website to educate students and parents about education loans. Our staff is trained to help counsel borrowers about their loan options, the use of a cosigner and how to successfully repay the loan.


As a leader in our industry, we are partnered with other agencies to offer a choice of options that best fits the needs of your financial aid office and students. You have complete flexibility to select among a range of data transmission systems, guarantors and platforms. If a solution is currently not available, we can create one.

Utilize Technology

National Education supports industry initiatives to work and process in a near paperless environment. Our online processes have been carefully thought out and tested to provide you and your students with a positive experience. You can confidently use our online services knowing that security is maintained at a high level.

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