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Institutional Loans

Higher education institutions are continually challenged to find viable financial resources that help students cover the cost of education. Successful institutions empower their recruitment efforts, and, more importantly, make their students' graduation a reality.

In this highly competitive environment, schools need to be economically creative to insure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to pursue a higher education.

National Education provides dynamic solutions that will enable institutions to continue to offer access, meet financial challenges and improve cash flow by offsetting a portion of tuition discounts with a tailored, low-cost Institutional Loan Program.

The National Education team will develop a program that is tailored to meet enrollment and financial goals of the institution while providing a consistent, positive student and alumni experience.

National Education has the expertise to develop a turn-key Institutional Loan Program tailored to the needs of the institution, including:

  • Loan Program Design
  • Pricing models and considerations
  • Fully functional 24/7 web presence for applications and program information
  • Loan origination and financial reporting
  • Loan Servicing


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